Scout Policy

The safety of our youth members is of paramount importance to the Leadership of Hilversum International Scout Group. Here below are some details of our efforts to ensure the safety of our youth members within the Scouting Programme. As members of Scouting Nederland we are subject to Scouting rules and regulations which are well thought out and follow the laws of the Kingdom of The Netherlands.

Hilversum International Scouts is responsible for the care and safety of its youth members only during meetings and regularly scheduled and supervised activities (camps, outings, etc). We are not responsible for youth member safety outside of scheduled activities. Parents are strongly encouraged to drop-off and collect their children on time for activities or arrange for others to do so.

Our membership in Scouting Nederland provides us with umbrella coverage for Liability Insurance. This, according to normal practice for youth organizations in The Netherlands works in conjunction with personal (family) liability insurance. This insurance is called Aansprakelijkheidsverzekering and is usually provided as part of the standard homeowner insurance package. If your child is involved in Scouting Activities and you are not sure if you have an Aansprakelijkheidsverzekering, please ask your insurance agent. An Aansprakelijkheidsverzekering is required for children taking part in Scouting activities.

Every volunteer within the organization is obliged to apply for a VOG (Verklaring Omtrent Gedrag =Certificate of Good Conduct). The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport will investigate whether any events have occurred in the volunteer’s past that give cause to question the integrity of this person. Without a VOG, a volunteer is not allowed to work for us.

Code of Behaviour
We are required to follow the Scouting Nederlands Code of Behaviour for Adults in Scouting. All leaders, helpers and Committee members must read this code, and signify their agreement by signing. An English language translation of the Code of behaviour is available, please contact: to request a copy.

Councelor (=Vertrouwenspersoon)
Scouting wants to be a safe environment for youth members and volunteers. But where can you go if you have the feeling that something is wrong and you want to discuss it in confidence? Then you go to the counselor. Our counselor is the safe place for volunteers, youth members and parents because she offers a listening ear, in confidence and helps in the search for possible next steps. Our counselor is Nicola. E-mail her to make an appointment or call at:

Hiring policy for volunteers
In order to be able to properly assess the suitability of an aspiring leader, they are intensively supervised in the initial phase. A policy plan has been drawn up for this,
consisting of 5 phases:

  1. An intake interview
  2. The obligation to hand over a VOG if the volunteer starts working with vulnerable people.
  3. The volunteer should attend 3 meetings in the group that is designated where the volunteer will join. This is under guidance of the group-leader.
  4. After 3 meetings, there will be a conversation with the overall group leader, the scout leader of the age group in which the volunteer will come to work, and the volunteer itself, to discuss hiring into the group.
  5. After 3 months an official ceremony will take place and the volunteer will be given their scout name. After this the scoutleader will added to the group, added into SOL as leader by the secretary.