Join us

Joining us

What is the procedure to become a Beaver, Cub or Scout? Children are welcome to come and join us a couple of times to see if they like it. Full membership details, subscription costs and other useful information can be found in the Hilversum International Group brochure.

How to become a scout

1. Fill in the below form.
2. Once the application form is received, we will get in touch with you.
3. If applicable, your child will be invited for a trial period.
4. After 3 meetings, should your child decide to join we request that you fill in the Record cards and submit it to Joyce.

What is the contribution worth?

– Exciting meetings
– All the badges you need for your ScoutFit (uniform).
– A snack and drink at every meeting.
– Trained Leaders (We are still looking for extra leaders!)
– Material (and storage) for camp.
– A Dutch scouting magazine 6 times a year.
– Membership Scouting Nederland.

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