The Scout programme

Age For boys and girls aged 11 till 15 years.
Meeting time Thursday evening from 6.45 pm till 8.45 pm.
Address Orionlaan 60 Hilversum

Hilversum International Scouts are a pretty cool bunch of people. We come from all walks of life and most have lived in different countries. We enjoy doing fun and exciting things including GPS treasure hunts, rock-climbing, map-reading, hiking, flag making, fire-prevention, first-aid, pioneering, cooking and much more. If you are between 11 & 15 years of age and speak English then come along and join the fun. We meet most Thursday evenings. Scouts learn more about the outside world and we tend to give them more responsibility than the Cubs. Under the leadership of the Patrol Leader they will sometimes go into town in groups and solve riddles or go on adventures. The Scout Leaders make sure all this happens in a safe environment.


The Scouts have two or three camps each year. This is one of the highlights of the year for the Scouts and it is a chance to do more challenging and spectacular activities. We try to organise camps around a specific theme. For instance a “Hunger Games” camp and a “Wie Is De Mol” camp (“Who is the Mole”).
We can also participate in regional scouting competitions with our Patrols, representing Hilversum International.

The Scout Promise:
I promise to do my best to be a good Scout, to help everybody in the best way I can and to be true to the Scout Law. You can count on me!

The Scout Law:
1. A Scout will together with others, go out to discover the world and will make it a better place to live.
2. A Scout is honest, faithful and persistent.
3. A Scout is economical, moderate and cares about nature.
4. A Scout respects him- / herself and others.

We hope to see you soon!

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